Kadıköy is a historic neighborhood in the city. This district's location is on the Asian side of Istanbul beside the Marmara Sea. This neighborhood is one of the most populous and cosmopolitan districts.

This district is also one of the most important neighborhoods in the city. It has residential and commercial communities with diverse bars, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and bookshops.

The cultural center of this neighborhood is Anatolian. Since 1928, this locality has been separate from the Üsküdar district. In the same year, neighborhoods of Kartal as İçerenköy and Bostancı joined Kadıköy too.

From the north, it goes to Üsküdar, and from the south goes to Maltepe.



This neighborhood generates by the Byzantine and Roman Emperors. Kadıköy is famous because of stones, bone, ceramic, jewelry, and bronze. In the past, the name of this locale was Chalcedon. It was a Greek name. Chalcedon's landlord has changed between Persians, Bithynians, Romans, Arabs, Crusaders, and Turks. It was damaged badly during the Fourth Crusade and came into Ottoman Empire in 1353.

The most ancient mosque in Istanbul belongs to Kadıköy. "The Fall of Constantinople" was built in the time of Constantine Emperor in this neighborhood. At that time, The population of this community mostly were Muslims, Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Latins, Bulgarians, and Catholics.



Haydarpaşa station was for Turkish State Railways. It is also close to Kadıköy's center. After that, Söğütlüçeşme railway station was the second Railway system in this neighborhood.

This station connects the Asian side to the European side of Istanbul with Metrobuses. Metro M4 line is working for 18 hours a day. It's going to Tavşantepe from Kadıköy.

The bus system works with many lines in this district. Also, citizens can reach other parts of the city without effort. There is a nostalgic tram in this neighborhood too. Ferryboats are for using transfer from sea and water.




In this field, Kadıköy has powerful institutions as well. The center-left Republican People's Party (CHP) is usually successes in this neighborhood's local and national elections. In the middle of 1990, the mayor of this district chose from this institution. S. Öztürk was a mayor in this local that launched shopping centers and leisure areas, especially in Bahariye Street. These constructions help to grow this neighborhood.




Marmara University includes 'Haydarpaşa Campus' is one of the best. Yeditepe University, even though a private institution is large as Marmara University. The location of this University is on Kayışdağı hill.

In 2010, a new state Medeniyet University launched in this neighborhood further. Doğuş University is another one in Acibadem neighbor of Kadıköy. In addition, Atatürk High School of Science and Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi are two top high schools in this locale.




This district has a large shopping community and many entertainment centers with a pleasant environment. Bahariye Street was an excellent example of this subject for years. Turkey's biggest food market is in this neighborhood, beside the Osman Ağa Mosque.

The taste and freshness of foods in this area are famous all around Turkey. Mainly fish foods and plates of seafood with olive oil. Tepe Nautilus is a large shopping Mall behind the Kadıköy center. It's a crowded place with various kinds of stuff such as CDs, bookshops, copies of popular novels, Rock T-Shirts and e.x.




There are residential areas in this neighborhood with quiet atmospheres. Except for students, foreign people are found in this locale barely. Süreyya Opera House is an old fashion theater salon. Plus, cinemas, restaurants, bars, and cafes are places for residents. A well-known dishes food in Kadıköy is Turkish cuisine and a favorite soup dish: "Haute cuisine"; Nice choice for tourists!




Two neighbors we should mention in this district are Moda and Fenerbahçe. Moda is an old, cosmopolitan neighbor but has a strong economy. However, there is a lack of parking spots; We can consider Moda a pleasant residential neighborhood. Fenerbahçe is an old and long-established locale too. There are facilities and entertainment places in this neighborhood as well. Moreover, the Fenerbahçe football team is famous in this game, Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium belongs to this team.




Kadıköy weather is effective by The Mediterranean Sea. It means this district has a cold winter and hot summer according to Köppen and Trewartha climate classifications.

The average temperature in this neighborhood is 14.1 °C in the year. In the first six months of the year, the average temperature of the weather is 5.6 to 21.1 °C. Also, In the second six months of the year, the average temperature of weather is from 23.2 to 8.1 °C.




This neighborhood has many old buildings from The Ottoman Emperor and some places from Roman. These spots changed to restaurants, cafes, and pubs during the time.




Generally, Kadıköy has three religions; Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Today, there are mosques, churches, and synagogues in their neighborhood. Furthermore, the Metropolis of Chalcedon is one of the four Metropolises remaining in Turkey.

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