Kartal is on the coast area in the Asian side of Istanbul. It's near the Marmara Sea, and between Meltepe and Pendik. This neighborhood is very crowded despite being far away from the city center. According to the 2018 census in Turkey, the population of this community is about 541,209. Kartal goes to Maltepe from the west, Sultanbeyli to the north, and Pendik to the east.



Kartal was a fishing area before during the Byzantine Empire. In 1947, Locality started to be industrial. Kartal even got more industrial from 1973 when Haydarpasa started to work. It was a railway station that helped the industry of this area very much.
Today, Kartal has one of the major communities in it. The industry of this locale is the primary manufacturing that this locale has with it.
Generally, today Kartal has included luxury buildings with modern architecture and shops in access. In terms of Education, it has schools and universities with a high presentation.
There are a lot of facilities in this area, such as Cultural places (cinema, theater, leisure locations like Marina, museums, tourist hotels), residential development, and it has a good situation for running the business too.



Kartal usually has hot summers and cool winter. The average temperature of the year is almost 14.8 °C. In the first six months of the year, the average degree is from 5.5 to 21.6 °C. In the second six months of the year, the average degree is from 23.6 to 8.3 °C.



There are several Mosques in this locale. Kartal's community religion is mostly Islam, and also there are Armenians, so churches are in this locale further.



There are three different ways to transfer from Kartal to other parts of Istanbul without effort. Metro is the first way that has easy accessibility in the area. The second way is Train Line, and the third one is Ferryboats. These three ways are without effort and easy to use.
Besides, there is a famous park. "Kartal Park" is a place full of colorful lights, classical music, and a generally peaceful environment that is attractive. People usually bring their children in the summer to this park to have fun.

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