There are 39 districts in Istanbul, and Sisli is one of these neighborhoods. Sisli's location is on the European side of the city. It's on the edge of the Besiktas by the east. Sisli From the top reached Sariyer, from the left arrived at Kagitane and Beyoglu to the south. We'll Check out the location of Sisli, and its accessibility in the town.

We will mention the old days of this neighborhood and historical places. We will look into the weather in this area during the year. Besides, we'll discuss more business and shopping in this district. We will check out the other parts of the locale. In the end, we'll introduce tourist places in this town.



Before 1800 Sisli was land for agriculture and hunting. There were not so many cultures in this local, and most of the culture brought to this locality was for french people when they came to this land. French culture affects this locality the most. Wide streets, high ceilings, and art nouveau were a sign of French culture in those years.

In addition, most of the traditions that came in this local were from Jews, Greeks, Armenians, and Turkish people as well. Sisli was one of the first neighborhoods that provided tramlines, electricity, and natural gas. In those years also the first hospital and pharmacy in this locality extended. Also, there was French School in Sisli for the first time.

From the 1920s until the 1950s, Sisli's industry expanded so fast. More and more high buildings and offices turned Sisli into a pleasant shopping place. Besides traders, there were writers, poets, theaters, and cafes in the region.

For this neighborhood and Turkey culture, it was a new era. In 1950 some people from Anatolia migrated to Turkey for work. Most of them stayed on the north of the Sisli.



Sisli's weather is so related to the Mediterranean sea. It's in plant hardiness zone 9a, and AHS hit zone 3a. In the first season of the year (January, February, March), the average high of the weather is about 8.0 to 10.3 °C, the Daily mean is about 5.3 to 6.9 °C, and the average low is 2.6 to 3.5 °C.

In the second season of the year (April, May, June), the average high of the weather is about 15.4 to 24.7 °C, the Daily mean is about 11.3 to 20.7 °C, and the average low is 7.1 to 15.4 °C.

In the third season of the year (July, August, September), the average high of the weather is about 26.8 to 23.7 °C, the Daily mean is about 22.5 to 19.5 °C, and the average low is 18.1 to 15.3 °C. In the fourth season of the year (October, November, December), the average high of the weather is about 19.0 to 10.5 °C, the Daily mean is about 15.4 to 7.8 °C, and the average low is 11.7 to 5.0 °C.


Business and shopping

Today, Sisli's situation is the center of trade and shopping. The accessibility of this neighborhood is fabulous. People can reach any district in Istanbul with roads and transformation vehicles. Mecidiyekoy is the main road in the Sisli. Facilities and approaches to any place are without comfort from this place.
The population in Sisli is tolerable, but in some cases, for example, car parking, people have to put up with it. Sisli is great for schooling too, in this few years many people come to this district for study. There are many qualified restaurants and cafes in this area moreover.



Sisli Merkez (Sisli Center), and Cumhuriyeti to its south, regularly called Bomonti, taken from Bomonti Brewery. This district concludes the Babylon event venue attributing live music. There are also museums and photography galleries in Sisli Merkez. Furthermore, the name of Bomonti came from the Bomonti Hilton hotel.
Other parts of the Sisli we can mention are Esentepe, Gayrettepe, Levent, Besiktas, Mecidiyekoy.
Kurtuluş, in the first place, was home to Greek people after that Armenians came to this local. At that time materials of houses mostly was woods. A few years later house's substance turned into stones and concrete buildings. This community has a long story. A lot of artists, actors, and singers lived here.
There are small apartments in this neighborhood that are well-known as traditional carnivals. These were organized every year before Lent. After the riots of 1955, the Greek community left the area, although their churches were still open to people.
Nişantaşı is another part of Sisli. This neighborhood is famous for Art Nouveau. We mentioned that before. Mecidiyekoy is a well-known district in the Sisli. Accessibilities to another part of Istanbul are perfect. This neighborhood has a lot of businesses and shopping centers.
There are also cinemas, food courts, and e.x.
Cevahir and Trump tower are shopping malls in this district. There are other localities we can mention; Okmeydani, Kuştepe, Pangalti.


Places of interest

There are more than 5-star hotels and shopping malls in this district. On top of places, we can introduce Istanbul Cevahir. It's the largest shopping mall in Europe, and the second one in the world. There are 300 shops, fast food, restaurants, and 12 cinemas for watching shows.
Since 2005, it's been one of the spectacular places in Sisli. Another delighting place in this neighborhood is Ataturk Museum.
It's a place for people who are interested in History.
Ihlamor Palace is another fabulous place in Sisli. This place is a museum too. Teşvikiye Mosque, Located in the Teşvikiye of Sisli. It is a remarkable place too. The base of this building is the neo-baroque structure that came from European culture. It has impressive architecture for all tourists and visitors of Turkey. St. Espirit Cathedral is the second largest church in Istanbul. The holy environment of the church helps you to keep calm and meditate.

In addition, For those people are arranging to go to Sisli Maçka Park is a fine place to trip. Also, there is a Maçka Modern Art Gallery in this park. Most of the famous Turkish artists have been working with this gallery. In the following, we will mention some other Kanyon Shopping Mall, Park Hyatt Hotel and Spa, and e.x.


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