It's a neighborhood on the European side of Istanbul. This district is near the Marmara Sea.



Zeytinbunru was a settlement from Byzantine time. Many Emperors came in this local and left after a while. From the early 19th century, Zeytinbunru was a village. There was an area with a suitable quality water supply (Kazlıçeşme).

The character of Zeytinbunru was changed when many people immigrated there from Anatolia. This neighborhood was with lack of construction, and because of that, there were so many problems with buildings. From the 1970s structure of this neighborhood was rebuilt with new concrete and modern methods.




Nowadays, Zeytinbunru has more improvements and facilities compared to the past. Industrials are more elegant than before, but still, there are problems with old buildings in the neighborhood.

When you see someone on highways with high volume pop music in a car is normal. There is a lack of education in this locality. It's because most of the community in this district is from Natalia.




People in this neighborhood have a lot of accessibilities for transportation. For transfer: train lines, buses, and Ataturk airports made it easy for anyone to move to other parts of the city. There are a lot of stations that are available in town. Shopping opportunities, cinemas, and entertainment places are in your touch any time.

There are some places about culture, and also hospitals like Cultural Art Center place and Armenian Hospital are examples in this district.



The neighbors

Küçükçekmece, Başakşehir, Bağcılar, Gaziosmanpaşa, Esenler, Bayrampaşa, and Fatih, is home to many refugees of Syrian origin.




The weather of this locale is affected by the Mediterranean sea. It's cold in summer, and also hot weather in winter. The average temperature of the year is about 14.2 °C. In the first six months, the average temperature is from 6.1 to 20.8 °C, and in the second six months, the average temperature is from 23.3 to 8.4 °C.

Zeytinbunru has achievements in sports too. This neighborhood has a Football team, "Zeytinburnuspor" is the name of this team. There are venues like Zeytinburnuspor stadium in this locality. In addition, there are other sports in this neighborhood as a game of ice hockey, and this area has a pleasant environment for this sport.

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