Beylikduzu is a district in the south of the European side of Istanbul. The location of this locale is the north of the Marmara Sea, and south of Esenyurt. From the west goes to Buyukcekmece, and from the east goes to Avcilar.

"Byzantion" was a Greek people that in the first place made this neighborhood. After changing the Empire to Ottoman, this area was named "Garden"; Then the Turkish Republic called it "Kavaklı" until 2003. From that year, the name of this neighborhood changed to "Plained of the Beylik" or Beylikduzu.



After the 1999 Izmit earthquake, Beylikduzu started to be a populated district. That's why most of the buildings were to rebuild again. Especially when Metrobus was established in this district, the population of this area increased even faster than before.

The population of this neighborhood was about 350,000 until 2018, and also it was growing in the last few years. In general, Beylikduzu has a lot of facilities that make this area a moderate neighborhood. Attractive architecture and construction change this locality to a luxury area. Today whole part of Beylikduzu is like an open-air museum.

There are shopping malls, buildings, green spaces 10M² per person, and many spectacular places in this district. Transportation in this neighborhood is without effort, and one priority to getting to the Ataturk Airport. Beylikduzu has a developing market in seafood. The whole market is about to get bigger every day. Kumkapı is the most popular place for this market.

Moreover, environmental people in Turkey have an opposite theory about this market. They believe that there is an environmental failure with this process. In addition, because of the sales market. Mostly there is traffic that is annoying in this neighborhood.

In the following, we mention the neighborhoods of Beylikduzu. Adnan Kahveci, BarışBüyükşehir, Cumhuriyet, Dereağzı, Gürpınar, Kavaklı, Marmara, Sahil, Yakuplu are districts in Beylikduzu.



The weather in Beylikduzu is almost cool during the year, and the sea affects the neighborhood a lot. The average temperature of this area is about 13.6 °C. In the first six months of the year, the average level of the weather is from 5.3 to 20.3 °C. In the second six months of the year, the average level of the weather is from 22.8 to 7.6 °C.



There is public transportation in the Beylikduzu as well. You have access to all the public transportation in this neighborhood. Metrobus is working 24 hours a day, and you can reach another part of Istanbul at any time. There is one hour distance to Mecidiyekoy, and you can approach other neighborhoods by Bus, Metro, and roads.

In 2019, a subway line was built between Beylikduzu and Bakirkoy. After that, the new line connected the Bakirkoy to the Yenikapi. The distance between Beylikduzu and Istanbul Airport is about 57 km, and also this neighborhood is connected with Hadikoy and Esenyurt with TEM highway.

Investment in Beylikduzu is a good suggestion in our opinion. This neighborhood is one of the luxury localities and developing every day.

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