This neighborhood is on the European side of Istanbul. It was separated from Constantinople (a historic and old city) by Golden horn. It was known as a region of Pera. In addition, Pera was an army that faced Constantinople. Until the 20th century, the name of this district was Pera.

The name 'Bey oğlu' was referred to Ottoman Empire. Alvise Gritti was a person who describes by this name. During the reign of Bayezid II, Andrea Gritti was a Venetian and the father of Alvise Gritti. The Name 'Beyoğlu' came from this family. Also, He was elected as Doge of Venice in 1523. Andrea Gritti set up relations in this area (near the present Takim).

In the 16th century, Bailo officially built the "Venetian Palace" and his seat in the south of Beyoğlu. Later in 1861, this place turned into Italian Embassy. During the Republic of Turkey, It was the Italian Consulate when Ankara became the capital of Turkey.

The former neighbors of this district have a different name now, but we mention them with old names; Galata (the medieval Genoese citadel from which Beyoğlu itself originated, which is today known as Karaköy), Tophane, Cihangir, Şişhane, Tepebaşı, Tarlabaşı, Dolapdere, and Kasımpaşa. Additionally, there are significant ways in this neighborhood; Galata Bridge, Atatürk Bridge and, Golden Horn Metro Bridge. The most active art, entertainment, and nightlife center of Istanbul are in this locality too.

There are so many historical buildings in this neighborhood, For example, Galata Tower. It was built in 1348 by Genoa. Another example is the Church of St. Anthony of Padua. It's the largest church in Istanbul and Turkey. Another place we can mention is İstiklal Avenue. It's one of the spectacular streets in Beyoğlu.

In the 1980s, a new style of architecture came to this neighborhood. Neoclassical and Art Nouveau apartments-blocks designed this locality as well.

This locale has much history, but what should we know about the present time?

Today, besides the old-fashion neighbors like Tophane, Kasımpaşa, and Karaköy, there are modern in the structure of Beyoğlu. Luxury shopping malls, expensive establishments, tasteful environments with affluent residents make this locality fascinating for tourists.

Tarlabaşı Caddesi is a boulevard, was established side by side to İstiklal Avenue because of traffic volume.

The Difference people around the world came to this neighborhood. Especially Euro-Mediterranean and West European countries have residences in Cihangir and Gümüşsuyu. That causes a cultural atmosphere into the bargain. Another advantage of this locale is most of the consulates are in Ankara. It means the location of these consulates is close to Beyoğlu. For instance: Italian, British, German, Greek, Russian, Dutch, and Swedish.


Places of Interests

Elderly, we mentioned places that are amusing for tourism. Cezayir Street, also known as Rue Française is another place with many pubs and pleasant situations. Bankalar Caddesi is a street full of banks.

Pera Museum is one of the landmarks in this province. This museum was built in 1893 by Achille Manoussos. Once more place is Neve Shalom Synagogue. This old architectural place in Galata.



Şişhane is the metro station of this neighborhood that makes your access to other parts of the city comfortable. Generally, in the field of transfer, there are many different ways and big transportation systems in this neighborhood.

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