In the north of the European side of Istanbul, This neighborhood has access to the Bosphorus. Bosphorus is the connection of the European side to the Asian side of Istanbul.
Sariyer has an old history. From sultans that came into this district on vacations to fishing in the neighborhood.
We will talk about the weather in Sariyer. The sea affects the town so much.
In addition, there are so many places of interest in Sariyer that are spectacular for tourists. Sariyer has sports and educational places too.
In the following, we will check out everything about this neighborhood.



Sariyer is a district in the European side of Istanbul near the Bosphorus. There are villages in this locale. Being close to the Bosphorus is an advantage for this locality. Sultans in the Ottoman period came to this locality for picnics. The most popular traders who came to this district were Galata and Pera.
Also, many foreign businesses man built summer residences in this hood. Actors, Musicians are interested in this neighborhood because of the coastline and lush forests. Expensive houses and villas make this district one of the best places in Istanbul.
What about Sariyer at this time?
Today Sariyer has the best fish industry, and it's because of the past time when fishing was the main occupation for people of this community.
Sariyer is in the north part of Istanbul, and Buyukdere Road is the road that connects this neighborhood to the south. There are other ways to commute to the city, for instance: you can reach the center by boat. But usually, the best and fastest way to come to the center is to go by car.
In addition, At this year, Sariyer is Self-sufficient as in other neighborhoods.
Everything such as cafes, restaurants, bars, live shows are available in this community too. Many people come to this neighborhood for the weekend to spend time and have different tastes because of qualified foods and drinks.
Sariyer has a square in the middle of the town shared by a plant tree, furthermore Sakib Sabanci museum. There are neighbors in Sariyer we can mention. Emirgan, Istinye, Yenikoy, Tarabya, Buyukdere, Bahcekoy, Kilyos are in this neighbor as well.



Sariyer has moisturized weather because surrounded by the sea. Most of the time, summers are warm, and winters are cool.
It's typical for this locality to have colder temperatures than the south side.
The average weather temperature in this locality is about 20 °C. In the following, we mention some degrees in the different seasons of the year in this locale.
The average high in the first six months of the year is 7.6 °C to 25.0 °C, and the average low in the first six months of the year is 1.3 °C to 14.7 °C. The average high in the second six months of the year is 26.4 °C to 9.8 °C, and the average low in the second six months of the year is 17.0 °C to 3.4 °C.


Places of Interest

Rumelihisarı, also known as Rumelian Castle is a historical and spectacular place. As a tourist, this place is one of the best attractions in Sariyer. Sakıp Sabancı Museum is another place that we mentioned before. It's a museum in this district that is about calligraphic art.
This museum also became favored when Pablo Picasso's works were attached to the Gallery. Another fantastic place in this district is İstinye Park. It has four-floor, and the area of this land is 85,250 m2.
There is a market in this place that everything you need has set in it. The buildings in this place included Turkish architecture.
Maslak is another place in Sariyer that has been a perfect situation for business. This locale is nearby Levent and has the tallest skyscraper (Spine Tower) in Istanbul.
Other places we should introduce are Sadberk Hanım Museum, Perili Köşk, Bentler Nature Park, Falih Rıfkı Atay Nature Park, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Nature Park, and e.x.



Sariyer S.K. is the Name of football team. Also, there is a women's football team and a Turkish women's volleyball team.


Villages of Sariyer

Rumelikavağı, Garipçe, Rumelifeneri, Demirciköy, Zekeriyaköy, Bahçeköy, Kilyos (Kumköy), Uskumruköy, Gümüşdere, and Kısırkaya. These are the names of villages that have traditional structure and beautiful view sights.

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