A Wise-Driven investment

Melkinvest is a company active in the field of real estate investment and providing Turkish citizenship and residency services, which has been established with the aim of providing personalized services at the highest level.

We believe that if we can help those who are interested in investing in Istanbul to make the best decisions and not suffer losses, this trust will return and the market will prosper and investors’ capital will grow.

We consider ourselves responsible for all the services we provide to our audience and we want the constant satisfaction of our clients. We are aware of the problems and challenges of this market and we are not looking for a deal that after a while, the client will regret his deal with us. For this reason, we have built our business on honesty and accountability, and we know the success of our business only in the lifelong satisfaction of our clients.

The basis of providing services at Melkinvest is to provide honest services. Today, clients in the field of real estate or even other areas, have a good ability to recognize honesty, and if the company does not follow the principles of honest services, in addition to undermining the audience, the organizational identity of the company will be severely damaged.

Why melkinvest?

We were not the first, but over time, the quality of our services became popular with our customers. The basis of our work has been nothing but providing honest advice and ultimately, simplifying the purchasing process for customers. We analyze the problems, needs and concerns of customers in this market, and prepare the best possible process for you.

After landing your plane at Istanbul Airport, we will greet you, take a tour of Istanbul, take a closer look at the beauties and properties available, and after consulting, visiting and purchasing, our after-sales services will begin and Simultaneously, all steps including opening a bank account, residence in Turkey, document transfer, Turkish citizenship, furniture and decoration services, etc. will be done for free by experts in each field.

Melkinvest, a reputable brand for buying real estate in Turkey, with full knowledge and updates of Turkish laws, is a consultant to a large number of customers, and we consider it our moral and professional duty to increase customers’ capital by introducing growth-prone properties.

Melkinvest's Vision

To become the largest and most complete real estate buying and investing authority in Turkey, and our measure of success is to maintain our sincere relationship with our clients, our client’s constant trust, and ultimately to build a brand ambassador for each client.

Our Values

  • To provide services at the most elevated level only if we have sufficient expertise, knowledge, and experience to avoid legal consequences and hasty actions.
  • Supplying comprehensive and personalized services according to the conditions and needs of each client to avoid wasting time and money.
  • Having a successful business based on honesty and ethics to have more happy clients.
  • To provide realistic, logical, and practical solutions based on customer needs and goals to determine the best decision and guaranteed deals.